iiProo - Local competition

Local competition

Local Competition = Country Level Competition.


iiProo will announce when the local competition will start. The major (worldwide competition) will be once or twice every year. And iiProo will announce both local and major competitions.

The first 32 talented users in the rank will move to the local competition in the local competition. They will challenge each other. In the first round, 16 will win, and the other 16 will lose and leave. Then, the left 16 talent will rechallenge each other until 8 of them win, the other 8 will leave, then 4 out and 4 in, then 2 out and 2 in, which is the final. The final winner will represent the country in the world-level competition.

The same system in the major(world-level competition) This is for every category such as singing, music, art, e.t.c