All Features - iiProo

All Features - iiProo

iiProo was designed for talented people in the first place.


Talent User Features. 


1- Music profile: you can add 15 seconds of music, and all people who visit your profile will hear your profile music. This can be turned on/off from the profile, and visitors can turn it on and off. But, again, this is for talented profiles only. 

2- Verified profile: once we approve that you are a talent, your account will be automatically Verified, so people will know that you are a talented user.

3- Receiving money from followers

4- Any post will be in the explorer right away and in front of the whole world even with 0 like.

5- Only Talented users can post to give them the best chances to get famous.

6- Talents can participate and challenge.

7- And much more.